Founder and Ceo

Muhammad Faheem is the creator and chief executive officer of Quick Roz and Recon Your Books. Additionally, he is an Advanced ProAdvisor for QuickBooks Online.

He has instructed numerous individuals in the use of QuickBooks, and these individuals have gone on to work independently and offer their services as freelancers, primarily on Upwork. As a result of his guidance, his students have collectively earned more than $4 million, which is equivalent to 100 crore Pakistani rupees.

QuickBooks is a powerful accounting software used by millions of businesses worldwide. However, mastering QuickBooks can be a daunting task for beginners. This is where he comes in to help.

He has been using QuickBooks for over 12 years and has developed a passion for teaching others how to use the software effectively. He started Quick Roz with the aim of helping students become proficient in QuickBooks and earn through freelance platforms such as Upwork.

Quick Roz offers a range of courses on QuickBooks, from beginner to advanced levels. The courses are designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of QuickBooks, from setting up the software to generating financial reports.

One of the unique features of Quick Roz is that it focuses on helping students earn through Upwork. Upwork is a popular freelance platform where businesses hire freelancers for various projects. QuickBooks is in high demand on Upwork, and businesses are always looking for freelancers who are proficient in QuickBooks.

Quick Roz teaches students how to use QuickBooks effectively so that they can offer their services on Upwork.

The courses offered by Quick Roz are affordable and offer great value for money.

In addition to courses, Quick Roz also offers a range of resources, including video tutorials, blog posts, and webinars. The resources are designed to help students stay up to date with the latest trends in QuickBooks and accounting.

Quick Roz is passionate about helping students achieve success through QuickBooks Training. Which believes that everyone has the potential to learn QuickBooks and earn through Upwork. Our dedication to helping others has made QuickBooks Training a popular choice for individuals looking to improve their QuickBooks skills and earn through freelance platforms.

If you are looking to improve your QuickBooks skills and earn through Upwork, Quick Roz is the perfect place to start.


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