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I would love to offer you my superlative accounting and bookkeeping services!🏆 My Skills ✅ Bank Reconciliation/CC ✅ Account Payable Management ✅ Monthly Financial Reports showing Sales, COG, P/L etc. ✅ Inventory control and reports ✅ Integration with E Commerce sites. ✅ Customize Quickbooks/Xero and Wave according to client needs. ✅ Payroll preparation ✅ Account Receivable Management ✅ Creation of Invoices ✅ Receive Payment ✅ Good control over Chart of Accounts ✅ Proficient in Tax System(Sales Tax/GST/PST/HST/QST/Custom etc)ales Tax and Income I can setup sales tax/sales tax codes properly in Quickbooks desktop and online. I can generate sales tax related reports within Quickbooks. I can meet tight Deadlines and fulfill all your requirements. I am flexible with my working hours. It is important to me to build long term relationships with all of my clients.I look forward to working with you. Thank you…!!!

Alina Manzoor

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