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I am an accountant and bookkeeper using different accounting software like Quickbooks and Xero. I have a Bachelor and Master degree in accounting and fiance. I have six years of experience of using all versions of Quickbook and editions like Quickbooks enterprise solution, Quickbooks Pro ,Premium and Quickbooks online essential and Plus. I am not just a traditional accountant, i am specialist of eCommerce accounting like Amazon ,eBay ,Etsy ,Big Commerce ,Magento ,Shopify ,New Egg ,Rakuten, Jet partner ,and some different payment gateway like Stripe ,brain tree and specially PayPal online bank accounting. I know the whole process of sales,done through these market places .I know how to create Amazon 14 days sales ,refunds,selling fees and all other transactions into Quickbooks . I have a third party software ,which is helpful to import Amazon ,eBay sales ,checks ,banks and credit cards transactions into Quickbooks. I know the whole process of creating sales sheet, cost sheet and Pivot tables in excel .I am using different formulas like index, v Lookup to complete task in less time.

Mohsin Ali

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